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In the Museum of Nature and Industry

I used a 15,000 Lumen flashlight and I threw sand and took a night mode 1-3 second photo with an Apple iPhone 14 Max Pro.


Boaters Beach at north end of Cowles Bog.

Sunrise on the Dune Ridge Trail 


Giving the illusion that light bends...

On the Dune Ridge Trail from Kemil Beach parking lot in Beverly Shores--- my favorite place for a sunrise without question. 


On Central Beach heading east to Kintzele Ditch on 2/25/23

Kintzele Ditch on on 2/2/23

From 3/27/23 moon hiking adventure

A photo from a recent POP UP HIKE - Polar Moon Adventure on 2.3.23

Here is a Google Photos of some more photos from that hike:


These were marine recruits I had the honor of being with, hiking at the Indiana Dunes State Park as a little training before taking off to boot camp in San Diego. After getting on top of the Devil’s Slide, the marine sergeants made them do PUSH UPS and jumping jacks all so that we can have FREEDOM.


Never shown GIF I made in July, 2020. I NEVER LOOKED THROUGH THE LENS OF THE NIKON D7000. I JUST HELD IT NOT KNOWING WHAT I WOULD GET SO I WOULDN'T CAUSE DISTRACTION WITH THE CAMERA. They don't mind photos. Mennonites will often have a camera. Amish will not use electricity nor be vain.

This is the REAL/PEOPLE Hike Master article in the AARP Magazine in the October / November 2022 issue. (This is the #1 magazine in actual readership and not just printed copies,) AARP.Org Magazine

Front cover October/November 2022 AARP.Org Magazine

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Remember my goals:

1. GET people out of their toxic drywall boxes

2. TAKE them to see nature

3. TEACH  them about nature

4. LOVE and nurture them so they experience and LOVE the nature of nature

5. The last is the most difficult

    Get them to want to PROTECT & PRESERVE nature.

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My first HUGE project in environmentalism: 


The top photo is from a hike I led with 48 Amish people. It was so much fun and they really appreciated the Indiana Dunes. The second photo that says, "sit LESS hike MORE," is a shadow photograph with me on the left, a person who has Alzheimer's and haven't been on a hike in ten years.    




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