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Aslan is on the Move

This is the legendary Aslan is on the Move, a.k.a ASLAN.

This gives you an idea of how serious he and I were about hiking AND his passion for swimming in Lake Michigan any day of the year. Here he tosses water to the side to continue our hike after cooling down. He saved my life. On a hike ask me how. He and I learned how to cheat the wind.


Scheduled hikes

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Private, 12/6/22,


Indiana Dunes National Park - Heron Rookery Trail


Private, 12/6/22,


11:00 AM

Test audio / visual for the Cinematography Basics for Apple Technologies Workshop to be held on 12/10/22 at 10:0 AM at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center


Private, 12/6/22,


12:00 PM

320 Recovery Organization


Private, 12/6/22,


7:00 PM

Duneland Photography Club


Private, 12/7/22,



Indiana Dunes National Park




5:30 PM - 7:30 PM,

ArtisticRecover.Org & Three20Recovery.Com

Faith based event EVERY Wednesday at 5:30 PM. (Buy optional dinner $8.00 and then faith based service.) It is LOUD live Christian band and Biblical teaching.

Address: 320 South Calumet Road, Chesterton, IN 46304

Phone: (219) 238-6840


Private, 12/8/22,

Thursday AM / PM

Indiana Dunes National Park

#572, #573

Private, 12/9/22,

Friday AM

Indiana Dunes National Park


Private, 12/9/22,


Indiana Dunes State Park, Nature Center



Saturday 10 AM - 12 PM CST CINEMATOGRAPHY Basics for Apple Products Workshop I am doing for Indiana Dunes National Park

held at: the Theater of the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center


Saturday 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM CST Chellberg Farm, Bailly Homestead

Practice CINEMATOGRAPHY Basics for Apple Products we discussed in the workshop I am doing for Indiana Dunes National Park



2:00 PM - 4:00 PM,


The Pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park For veterans, their families, their friends, organizations that support them, and dogs or service animals, and IF YOU are LOVERS OF FREEDOM.

We will hike to the Nature Center and then on Trail 10 to the Trail 2 boardwalk and then to the Trail 8 bridge back to the Nature Center. It is about 4 miles and is flat dirt or wood.

JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL to RonSemanEvent@Gmail.Com with the names of who is coming with cell# .

READ THE DETAILS HERE: Also HikerVets.Com , HikerVets.Org , HikerVets.US



Saturday 10 AM - 12 Three20 Hiking Event


FYI... (a.k.a., FYI = For Your Information) (a.k.a. = Also Known As)

If you don’t hike before 12/25/2022 you will likely get coal on your front steps.

You have a chance to redeem yourself and return to VIP (Very Important Person) status.

On 12/23/2022, FRIDAY, Christmas Eve Eve (CEE), at 6:00 PM CST,

[NOT Christmas Eve! ], the most compassionate and capable hikers will be meeting outside the Nature Center of the Indiana Dunes State Park. Google Map pin for the Nature Center:

ARRIVE at 5:45 PM because at 6:01 PM we are hiking because other's time is precious.

IF the front gate is charging fees on 12/23/2022 then Indiana residents pay $7 and out-of-state residents pay $12. My guess at 5:45 PM they will NOT be collecting gate fees. My hikes are always FREE!

We will take Trail 10 to the Trail 2 boardwalk where we will sing to the beavers. Then we will listen to various Christmas music as return to the Nature Center via Trail 2. There is also a Barred Owl on the route who talked with us last year, as he heard the music, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

You must email RonSemanEvent@Gmail.Com to see if there is still room! This is capped size event! OR you can sign up via eventbrite:


The management

Open, EVERYDAY(!) 1/1/22 - 12/31/22, DOING ADVENTURES for veterans, those in recovery, first responders, and those in recovery, and LOVERS OF FREEDOM!. If you fall into one of these categories, and YOU DO(!) email

Hikes of adventure in northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.


OPEN, 5/6/23,


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Meet at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

Here is the Google Map location: ,

Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

1215 N State Rd 49, Porter, IN 46304

We will then drive separately to Indiana Dunes National Park location.

Notes: Lynn S., 11/26/22


Please read this IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE coming on a hike:

These are custom curated hikes for specific purposes and are ***SLOW*** under 2 MPH with lots of STOPPING for talks and photos and videos. If you want to just blast down the trail and have a HARDSHIP each time we stop for the nature of nature then DO NOT COME with us! Don't put the pressure on us to hurry so you can go home and do your chores. This is NOT FAST PACED TRAINING for a 5K or ultra-marathon race. This is to see the nature of nature! IF you are looking to go fast, quickly look elsewhere because we travel at the rate of the slowest and not the speed of the fastest. Come before hike begins. We can't wait to hike!


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Two Thousand Twenty Three (2023)


Arranging hikes here in 2023:

Sunset Hill Farm County Park

Indiana Dunes National Park

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Two Thousand Twenty Four (2024)

Arranging hikes here in 2024:

Pikes Peak of Pike National Forest

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Two Thousand Twenty Five (2025)

Arranging hikes here in 2025:

Yosemite National Park

Acadia National Park

Shenandoah National Park

Washington, D.C.

EMAIL RonSemanEvent@Gmail.Com if interested in other locations.



WHY DON'T I SCHEDULE HIKES FAR OUT? Because they yield all kinds of problems. I have NEVER cancelled a hike. Here are some criteria to use to plan a hike say only 1-3 days in advance. I can not do these if the proposed hikes are days or months ahead of time:

1) RAIN - some don't like it . I have full rain gear and I do love it.

2) SNOW - one can't cross-country ski, snowshoe, or sled without it and if you do on plastic or sand it isn't as good.

3) MUD - it is not fun trying to lead a group through mud when they don't have waterproof boots.

4) WIND - if people aren't dressed warm enough or don't have safety glasses to protect you with 20+ MPH winds and sand

5) TRAIL CLOSURE - the National, State, Shirley Heinze, and County parks close trails sometimes with no warning

6) EVENTS - parks will schedule events which could be done after a long term hike was permitted

7) DEER CULLS - often we don't know the dates months ahead of time

8) PRESCRIBED BURNS - parks often quickly do a prescribed burn so we don't know if they are doing one far out.

9) TRAIL MAINTENANCE - a park may close a trail to do maintenance on the trail

10) HERBICIDES/PESTICIDES - a park may do this and limit trail use or expose others to horrid glyphosate

11) PARKING LOT CLOSURES - if we can't legally park we can't hike

12) BATHROOM CLOSURES - this deters many who need them (Kemil Beach closed theirs recently (10/21) because water supply from a well dried up

13) POLLUTION - pollution has closed many beach are parking lots because of pollution from for example US STEEL.

14) ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR - short term we know precisely if one is available for some visitors

15) INSECTS - if there is a ton of insects like at Cowles Bog where I had to swipe at mosquitos over 100 times or tics or flies in the beach we can adjust the hiking trail or park location

16) LOTS OF RAIN - is good if hiking steep dunes like the Three Dune Challenge and other locations

17) FROZEN BEACH - if it is around 32F the beach surface can be very hard and hiking is easy to see the waves. When it is not frozen it requires 270% of the energy!

18) HIKING GROUP - often other hiker groups can join us spontaneously but trying to schedule far out is like herding cats because everyone is non-comm-ital

19) BOARDWALKS - can be closed down for repair or replacement as on Trail 2, the Little Calumet River Trail, and currently Trail 8 over the Great Marsh

20) BIRD MIGRATION - will lead us to certain locations to see certain species because people and apps tell us something is in the area today or tomorrow only!

21) MUSHROOMS - when they start appearing and with rarer ones we may only have a day or too

22) WILD FLOWERS - when they start appearing and with rarer ones we may only have a few days

23) PLANTS - when they start appearing with rarer ones we may only have a days to see them

24) PARK HIKES - often park hikes aren't published until close to the date to keep crowds down so a hike of mine scheduled in the future could be clobbered by theirs

25) PRIVATE HIKES - when I don't schedule far out into the future it gives me more flexibility in fitting in a quick request

Remember my goals:

1. GET people out of their toxic drywall boxes

2. TAKE them to see nature

3. TEACH them about nature

4. LOVE and nurture them so they experience and LOVE the nature of nature

5. The last is the most difficult.

Get them to want to PROTECT & PRESERVE nature.

See a virtual hike of some trails. Click blue button below:

CLICK BELOW TO GO TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE: INDIANA DUNES NEWS . Note that one does not have to login to Facebook to merely view a Facebook page. (Look to the far right and there is an "elevator" that you can slide down and see ALL the posts; however, one can't Like, Comment, or Share on a Page unless they are logged in.)


ALL DUNE CHALLENGE hikers on 3/26/22 on the top of Mt. Jackson, the first dune of the Three Dune Challenge. Behind us one can see the Beach House Blowout and behind that is the NIPSCO power plant in Michigan City which is scheduled to be retired and removed in several years.

The ALL DUNE CHALLENGE includes ALL the marked trails of the Indiana Dunes State Park with minimal overlap for a total of 19.11 miles. When you factor in the effects burning calories on sand (270% on flat ground and 800% on dune climbs) the REAL FEEL IS 34 miles.

WHEN you hike with this group it is like going to a buffet. Without a doubt I have NEVER, EVER, EVER HAD snacks on the trail like this. Typically it is a partially nutritious nutrition bars or a glyphosate coated piece of fruit. I was a little let down we didn't have hot tea. Lesley Fong - think about tea next time. I have a thermos. Jan Andrews , out of an abundance of caution, socially distanced herself, without prompting, after she sneezed once on the dune climb. Tony would be proud. Christa Sorensen has many duties including chief group photographer.

These snacks aren't your regular candy bars.

My first HUGE project in environmentalism:


The top photo is from a hike I led with 48 Amish people. It was so much fun and they really appreciated the Indiana Dunes. The second photo that says, "sit LESS hike MORE," is a shadow photograph with me on the left, a person who has Alzheimer's and haven't been on a hike in ten years. \




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Private, 11/17/22,


1) Indiana Dunes National Park, Cowles Bog

2) Indiana Dunes National Park, Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk Beach

#536 #537