Church on the Trail

Off the pew and onto the trail. NOT sit but GO!

WHEN: Sundays 





Google Maps: TBD

WHO: Believers that their Savior is Jesus Christ OR those who want to learn about Jesus Christ


We will hike.

We will talk about the Word of GOD.

We will pray {ACTS - Adoration, Confession, Thanks, Supplication (I have a need).

We will be joyful.

We won’t collect any money.

We won’t talk about politics.

We won’t bad mouth other churches or faiths. We just focus on Jesus Christ and let Him handle everything else.

We won’t have a sermon like the house church of the New Testament for 300 years until Roman Emperor Constantine got them into BIG pagan temples with paid pontificators from pulpits with no questions which is completely contrary to the house church

We will welcome participation from all.

We won’t debate. We listen and then go home and study.

We will grow our faith in Jesus Christ.

We won’t be a cult as faith will be clearly and unabashedly from the Bible in English


Ron Seman 3.10.22


I led a group down to a tornado ravaged Oklahoma City tornado in 2013. THIS is powerful prayer. GOD can't be leashed. YOUTH can do anything YOU can do! ENABLE THEM!