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Southeast edge of the Beach House Blowout

AARP article online 10.1.22. In your mailbox 10.7.22 ~ 10.14.22

Trail 10 above


Ron near the northeast end of the Trail 2 boardwalk

AARP article online 10.1.22. 

In your mailbox 10.7.22 - 10.14.22

This is an image of the page as it appeared in AARP Magazine in the October / November, 2022 issue.


CBS 2 Chicago coverage on the West Beach shelf ice on 2/22/22


Lakeshore Public Radio PBS interview with Ron Seman on the DANGERS OF SHELF ICE and what to do if you fall in a lake. 3.3.22 This is the audio playing with a simple handheld slide show of West Beach of the Indiana Dunes National Park in Portage, IN.


Please check out my YouTube channel:  YouTube.Com/TheRonSeman 

It has a lot of information on all kinds of subjects


Entrepreneurial hike in the Indiana Dunes State Park for the Legacy Foundation

Original video on Instagram -


If you go to this link for locale Gary, Indiana radio station WLTH, on the Minding What Matters show, you will hear me call in as requested by Vernadine Parker. You can fast forward to 46:57. If you start the audio sooner you will be listening to an incredible veteran and his stories of being in battle.


Focusing on HARM REDUCTION at a Open House listening  to Porter County, Indiana Sheriff Jeff Balon


The healing power of equestrian therapy is beyond incredible. I felt so much better being in the horses presence and the staff who explains and manages it are perfect. Come to one of these events!

Anam Cara Counseling - Horses Healing The Human Soul

4.22.23 -> 12.23.23

Annual hike for veterans, family, and supporters at the Indiana Dunes National Park


Dunes expert Ron Seman will be leading a wildflower hike at the Heron Rookery of the Indiana Dunes National Park.


I do regularly scheduled hikes for: and



The Indiana Dunes National Park December 2022 Activities


Cinematography Basics using Apple Technologies Workshop taught by me for the Indiana Dunes National Park at the Theater of the Visitor Center of the Indiana Dunes. 

The Indiana Dunes National Park event on Facebook:

Indiana Dunes National Park WEBSITE EVENT: https:/o/ sit/event-details.htm?id=82B8EBFF-B5A2-824F-D8C965E8CD9CA9EE


Community Calendar

Cinematography Basics for Apple Technologies Workshop

Chesterton Tribune


Hub Coalition Porter County

Community Recognition Awards


This Community matter Innovation Award  is presented to Ron Seman

In recognition of your contribution to reducing Substance Use Disorder in Porter County Indiana.


Hub Coalition Porter County

Community Recognition Awards


This Community matter Innovation Award  is presented to Ron Seman

In recognition of your contribution to reducing Substance Use Disorder in Porter County Indiana.


Sunset Hill Full Moon - Sunset AND Full Moon Hike 


Duneland Photography Club is highly recommended by me as it is a very active  teaching club!


Attending Duneland Photography Club workshop on night photography.


Cinematography Basic using Apple Technologies Workshop taught by me. If you have an Android you can still learn and will learn how to use Google Photos to create a movie.

eventbrite event visible for awile:


Spoke at the BP/AMOCO/Standard Oil Annuitants Group -- The Nature of Nature is that it is a Healer.


At Mental Health Fair at Michigan City school 


A talk on the Nature of Nature is to be a Healer and then a hike at Mt. Baldy.


A great event every Wednesday at . I highly recommend it! It is a great chance to fellowship.


Presentation at the Faces of Suicide Conference entitled, The Nature of Nature is to be the Healer.


This is from an Indiana Dunes National Park internal newsletter 


Chesterton Lions Club talk on the history of the Indiana Dunes and the Nature of Nature is that it is a Healer.


Photography workshop led by me in the Theater of the Visitor's Center of the Indiana Dunes National Park on October 15, 2022 at 10 AM CST - 12:00 PM. An after hike to follow...


South Bend Tribune


The Times article, "Dunes to host hikes, photography hikes"


Ron Seman and Jeremy D'alessio of the Department of Veterans at Porter County Substance Abuse Council: (


Hiking for Wholeness - A podcast by the Porter County Substance Abuse Council


Mt. Tuthill - TALLEST Sand Dune in Indiana!

Panorama Now 10.4.22

Live Newscast on Facebook and WLVP Radio in Valparaiso, Indiana 


Apple Chicago Editing on iPhone Photo Skills

Attended and got to discuss some features.


Apple Chicago Editing on iPhone Photo Skills

Attended and got to discuss some features.

Preparing for 10.15.22 Indiana Dunes National Park Smartphone Workshop I was leading.


Military Military Makeover, TV show from Lifetime channel, with Purple Heart Foundation and Ron Seman planting purple flowers


This is a backup in case their original is accidentally corrupted or deleted.


I have CHURCH ON THE TRAIL on demand.


Leon's Heroes Obstacle Race, America's Race from 9/11/22. This the event I helped with.


America's Race held around 9/11 of each year. It will be on 9/10/2023 at West Beach  of the Indiana Dunes National Park.

See LeonsTriathlon.Com 



For those of you who have not heard there are three large events at West Beach.  LEON’S HEROES is coming in September in partnership with Indiana Dunes National Park. Last year was the inaugural event, AMERICA’S RACE, on 9/11/21, which is an obstacle course race for veterans, first responders, and if room the general public. It includes a 5K or a 10K race. ALL photographers of any skill with smartphones or DSLR’s are encouraged to be at the 9/11/22 race and submit photos for the participants memory and encouragement. 

The beach represents the beach of Normandy. The forest of the Long Lake Loop forest represents the jungles of Vietnam. The sand represents the Mideast. Finally the Diana of the Dunes Dare staircase represents the Twin Towers staircases. There is no event similar to this in America. 

 9/7/22 Wednesday, Construction of obstacles and stage and decorations begins. 

 9/8/22 Thursday, An invite only event at the Indiana Dunes State Park’s newly renovated Pavilion . 

 9/9/22  Friday, 6 PM - 10 PM  — I will be leading the free AMERICA’S HIKE where we take the stairs to the beach for sunset. Then back to the north parking lot during twilight. Then the Long Lake Loop at night. I have led night hikes there many times before. We will get to see some of the obstacles that racers will conquer on 9/11/22. 

 9/10/22 Saturday,  12:00 PM - 3:00 PM -- I will be leading the free AMERICA’S HIKE during the day where we take the stairs to the beach. Then back to the north parking lot. Then we will take the Long Lake Loop. We will get to see some of the obstacles that racers will conquer on 9/11/22. 

 9/11/22 Sunday, 9 AM - Veteran ridden motorcycles will usher in opening  ceremonies  with AMERICA’S RACE (LEON HEROES) starting at 10 AM for up to 250 fortunate participants. 

We understand hardships so there are scholarships available for the 9/11/22 race. Leon Wolek has been having triathlons since the 1980’s first in Hobart and then in Hammond at the Wolf Lake area. There was an AMERICA’S RACE triathlon there in June. 

Further information including some cool videos and sign up for the 9/11/22 race can be found at LeonsTriathlon.Com

I hope that you will be able to join us for some of the festivities to help thank veterans and first responders. Please copy and share this information on social media. 

QUESTIONS can be emailed to me at IndianaDunesHiking@Gmail.Com and I will get with LEON’S HEROES and/or the Indiana Dunes National Park to give you a response. 

(I lead one or more free hikes EVERYDAY  in northwest Indiana and elsewhere including other national parks. There were 612 hikes of adventure in 2021 and there will be more than that by the end of 2022! This includes all kinds of challenges including PICK YOUR OWN CHALLENGE and the 34 real feel miles ALL DUNE CHALLENGE which ends with the mere 3 Dune Challenge at the Indiana Dunes State Park.  Or for those that don’t like hills there is the NO DUNE CHALLENGE starting at the parking lot of Mt. Baldy and hiking to Chellberg Farm and bicycling back to Mt. Baldy.  

The target participants for my events are veterans, first responders, and all LOVERS OF FREEDOM, YOU! There are several websites but a starting point is IndianaDunesHiking.Com and  HikerVETS.Com  In addition there are over 250 (!) Facebook pages dedicated to the nature of nature of the Museum of Nature and Industry, the Indiana Dunes,  including science, microbiome building, and beauty. The starting place for those pages is Facebook.Com/IndianaDunesHiking 

In addition to hiking I lead bicycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, tobogganing,  sledding, and photography/videography. )

 Thank you for your valuable time!







The Emotional and Mental Impact of Hiking - for Artistic Recovery by Ron Seman


The Ways Hiking Transforms You Physically - for Artistic Recovery by Ron Seman


A great place for recovery right here in Chesterton, IN:

Benefits of hiking for recovery

Here is a backup link to this interview video:


Meeting with first responders, an air ambulance, Lutheran Air III


I strongly recommend that every take this class. I am going to be getting training in early 2023 so that I can teach the class.


If you know any fellow humans, without hesitancy, tell them to go here:


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Indiana's Singing Sand Dunes Is A Unique Place To Visit

"YouTube user Ron Seman demonstrates the kick-scoot method of walking to activate the sand's "song" in a very interesting video here: "

See imbedded website below:


My video from 7/24/21

My YouTube Channel:

Three of my photos of the Indiana Dunes State Park fireworks on the beach on 6/29/22. This is from the Chesterton Tribune dated Tuesday, July 5, 2022.


On 4/13/22 I led these students from the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology (HAST) on a hike at the Paul H. Douglas Center Trail of the Indiana Dunes National Park. This article was in the Chicago Tribune / Post-Tribune, written by Sue Ellen Ross on 5/20/22 at 7:40 PM CT. See photos below of the article. Click on the photo and scroll left to right through the five photo carousel.


Regionally Speaking radio program on NPR Lakeshore Public Radio on 5/5/22 with Ron talking about HikerVETS.Com 



Ron Seman, the founder of Indiana Dunes Hiking and biking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and sledding; and an Indiana Master Naturalist, has been leading at least one or more daily events since the pandemic began at the Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana Dunes State Park, Shirley Heinze Land Trust Nature Preserves in six counties, Porter and LaPorte County parks, Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve, Moraine Nature Preserve, Westchester MIgratory Bird Sanctuary, and in Michigan the Warren Dunes  and Galien River County park. With over fifty years of hiking experience in this area and many national parks a great opportunity came up.

While at Porter County Parks and Recreation Department new flag pole event, Jeremy D'alessio, the Community Engagement & Partnerships Coordinator of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs of the Veterans Health Administration, asked Ron if he could start a new program reaching out to veterans through hiking events at national and state parks to improve the physical and mental health of veterans, family, and friends.

Ron, of course, immediately said yes and wasted no time and designed and scheduled an event to happen on Saturday, 5/7/2022 at 11 AM  at the Pavilion of the Indiana Dunes State Park in Chesterton, IN. There will be an easy flat hike which can be done up to 3 miles or less based on abilities. In addition there will be an optional rugged hike as well as a third hike which is a night, will will match the first day hike.

The details are at and questions can be emailed to . All those who enjoy freedom are welcomed and are encouraged to tell others. There are no fees, other than entry into the Indiana Dunes State Park which cost $7 for IN residents or $12 for out of state residents. No items will be sold nor donations to anything allowed.

 Press release 4.20.22

Honored to talk about photogenic places at the Indiana Dunes and HOW to capture them for the legendary Duneland Photography Club. Thank you Steve Bensing, President, for the photo!


 WVLP.Org  103.1 FM Community Radio Station in Valparaiso, IN

3.24.22 Magazine, Blogs, YouTube, and Radio 

Facebook Live: PanoramaNOW with Ron Seman, Indiana Dunes Hiking


Batter over the land of the Indiana Dunes 

To Voice of the People of the Chesterton Tribune 


Chesterton Tribune


Front cover Chesterton Tribune 


Continued to 

Page 4

This was a radio interview on winter hikes and night hikes.

National Public Radio, NPR, Lakeshore Public Radio


The Town of Chesterton's announcement of my Christmas Eve Eve Hike at Indiana Dunes State Park on 


Chesterton Tribune 


Chesterton Newspaper, 12.16.21

Chesterton Tribune 


Chesterton Tribune newspaper, 7.29.2021

Indiana Dunes History 200BC - 2021

A history presentation I made and can give on the trail, around a campfire, or if needed in a drywall box. 


Chesterton Art Center


Post-Tribune newspaper  article on art show and my photo and the Duneland Photography Club.  2.25.2021 Text is also here: PressReader 

Duneland Photography Club


lake life magazine, 12.1.2020

My photo was selected by the author, Vivian Ann Velasco,  for the front cover of her book. I sent her a Google Photo Album with over six hundred sunset photos and she liked this one to express the book's theme. 10.17.21

I'm a Dementia Friend

Ron Seman


Chesterton Tribune

Chesterton Tribune newspaper, 8.13.2020

Chesterton Tribune newspaper, 11.25.2020, on the ALL Dune Challenge I created at the Indiana Dunes State Park which premiered on 12/5/2020 and many have done it on their own schedule since.

The photo is of Ranger Rafi and me taking photos on top of Mt. Baldy. This is my cameo in their new documentary on the Indiana Dunes and can be seen on the hour on this large TV or on the half hour in the theatre in0 the Visitor Center. The TV is clearer. It lasts about 26 minutes. IT IS FANTASTIC! Great overview. This was first shown on  1O.8.2020 at the 49er Drive-in.

Chesterton Tribune newspaper, 12.29.2020

Chesterton Tribune newspaper on the ricochet wave I photographed 10.2.2020

Indiana         OUTDOOR 


Beaches & Beyond


Photo taken on October 6, 2019 


I was invited to the Center for Strategic  & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C. to participate in a discussion with other military leaders on this subject:


I start asking my question around 58:00 in the video.


This is at the casting call for the TV show SHARK TANK. It was in the Spring of 2013, at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. I gave a presentation to their staff on the next generation of GPS which I referred to as iGPS. Of course, just like in the Spring of 1984, they didn't understand the value of pure AI intelligence being added to the base GPS that companies like Garmen and Google had. Here in 2023, ten years later, this intelligencce still hasn't been implemented. I tried talking to Apple and had conversations with Apple corporate, Apple stores in Illinois, Indiana, and Virginia, with hopes they might include it in the Apple car underdevelopment. They too had so much bureaucracy and lived on the principle, "We aren't secretly designing a car." Like many companies, BMW which I talked with , also they have the philospohy,  "If it is not invented here we don't want anything to do with it." Now if the invention is in production and being sold then they might be interested in buying a company, which is cheaper than developing the technology from scratch. 


This was back in 1992 when we defeated Chicago Mayor Daley and Indiana Governor Evan Bayh who wanted a THIRD REGIONAL AIRPORT either at Lake Calumet in Illinois OR one replacing the stagnant Gary Airport.  Environmental issues were critical.

Local PUBLIC TELEVISION in Merrillville, IN, ~3.5.1992

Chicago Tribune, 5.14.1984 This Facebook Page is about my creation of the first Apple powdered car in 1984 with the first Macintosh. There is some news media in it, photos, and comments, See the page. You do NOT need to login to Facebook to view a page:  

For media contact:

       EMAIL inquiries to IndianaDunesHiking@Gmail.Com 


       TEXT 1-219-370-9119

For those who are coming on a hike of mine, this is your homework to watch this FIRST and then ask questions on the hike.

Here is the link to YouTube. The link may not work on a mobile device so one may need to view it on a desktop or laptop.


This is Leon's Triathlon held  at Wolf Lake Memorial Park in Hammond, Indiana. One can learn morem details at LeonsTriathlon.Com 

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