For those of you who have not heard there are three large events at West Beach. LEON’S HEROES is coming in September in partnership with Indiana Dunes National Park. Last year was the inaugural event, AMERICA’S RACE, on 9/11/21, which is an obstacle course race for veterans, first responders, and if room the general public. It includes a 5K or a 10K race. ALL photographers of any skill with smartphones or DSLR’s are encouraged to be at the 9/11/22 race and submit photos for the participants memory and encouragement.

The beach represents the beach of Normandy. The forest of the Long Lake Loop forest represents the jungles of Vietnam. The sand represents the Mideast. Finally the Diana of the Dunes Dare staircase represents the Twin Towers staircases. There is no event similar to this in America.

9/7/22 Wednesday, Construction of obstacles and stage and decorations begins.

9/8/22 Thursday, An invite only event at the Indiana Dunes State Park’s newly renovated Pavilion .

9/9/22 Friday, 6 PM - 10 PM — I will be leading the free AMERICA’S HIKE where we take the stairs to the beach for sunset. Then back to the north parking lot during twilight. Then the Long Lake Loop at night. I have led night hikes there many times before. We will get to see some of the obstacles that racers will conquer on 9/11/22.

9/10/22 Saturday, time will be finalized but it will include a “touch the truck” event for children and adults and more.

9/11/22 Sunday, 9 AM - Veteran ridden motorcycles will usher in opening ceremonies with AMERICA’S RACE (LEON HEROES) starting at 10 AM for up to 250 fortunate participants.

We understand hardships so there are scholarships available for the 9/11/22 race. Leon Wolek has been having triathlons since the 1980’s first in Hobart and then in Hammond at the Wolf Lake area. There was an AMERICA’S RACE triathlon there in June.

Further information including some cool videos and sign up for the 9/11/22 race can be found at LeonsTriathlon.Com

I hope that you will be able to join us for some of the festivities to help thank veterans and first responders. Please copy and share this information on social media.

QUESTIONS can be emailed to me at IndianaDunesHiking@Gmail.Com and I will get with LEON’S HEROES and/or the Indiana Dunes National Park to give you a response.

(I lead one or more free hikes EVERYDAY in northwest Indiana and elsewhere including other national parks. There were 612 hikes of adventure in 2021 and there will be more than that by the end of 2022! This includes all kinds of challenges including PICK YOUR OWN CHALLENGE and the 34 real feel miles ALL DUNE CHALLENGE which ends with the mere 3 Dune Challenge at the Indiana Dunes State Park. Or for those that don’t like hills there is the NO DUNE CHALLENGE starting at the parking lot of Mt. Baldy and hiking to Chellberg Farm and bicycling back to Mt. Baldy.

The target participants for my events are veterans, first responders, and all LOVERS OF FREEDOM, YOU! There are several websites but a starting point is IndianaDunesHiking.Com and HikerVETS.Com In addition there are over 250 (!) Facebook pages dedicated to the nature of nature of the Museum of Nature and Industry, the Indiana Dunes, including science, microbiome building, and beauty. The starting place for those pages is Facebook.Com/IndianaDunesHiking

In addition to hiking I lead bicycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, tobogganing, sledding, and photography/videography. )

Thank you for your valuable time!



LEON'S HEROES: LeonsTriathlon.Com