Where do hikers live?

Beverly Shores, Burns Harbor, Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Dune Acres, Dyer, East Chicago, Ell Grove Village, Fort Wayne, Gary, Grand Rapids, Griffith, Hammond, Hobart, Indianapolis, Knox, Lake Station, LaPorte, Merrillville, Miller, Munster, Nashville, Ogden Dunes, Otis, Town of Pines, Portage, Scherrelville, Valparaiso, Wanatah, Westville, and Whiting, and oh yes, CHICAGO and more from every state in the U.S.A. ! The biggest repeat countries are Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Mexico, and Poland.


We are doing to be doing a continuous BIO BLITZ as the Great Smokey Mountain park did for ten years!

I will be doing a video explaining it.

My profile on iNaturalist:

My project on iNaturalist:

Get 🔥 FIRED 🔥 UP! We are not the armpit of America but the birthplace of ecology and the Museum of Nature and Industry. Thank you industry for demonstrating that when ecosystems have diversity they survive and thrive!!

Here is a super quick overview of iNaturalist. It has a 1,000 times the functionality then what is shown. Come one a hike and I will explain it on one of the twelve hikes on 4/29/22, 4/30/22, 5/1/22, 5/2/22

Go take a hike!!!

I will be doing some hikes to help others use iNaturalist.

The hike dates are at on 4/29/22, 4/30/22. and 5/1/22.

Go do some iNaturalist scanning at these locations:

These National Park locations:

1. Paul H. Douglas Trail

2. West Beach trails

3. Tolleston Dunes

4. Cowles Bog

5. Bailly Homestead, Chellberg Farm, and the Little Calumet River Trail, & Mnoke Prairie

6. Glenwood Dunes, Calumet Dunes

7. Heron Rookery

8. Dune Ridge

9. Great Marsh

10. Calumet Bike Trail

11. Mt Baldy Beach Trail west to Kintzele Ditch

12. Pinhook Bog Upland Trail only

3. Indiana Dunes State Park (All marked trails)

Also plans are in the works for other BioBlitz locations that I am familiar with such as these but WILL NOT be included in the Indiana Dunes :

1. Some Shirley Hines Preserves I am most familiar with in Porter County:

A. Meadowbrook

B, J. Timothy Ritchie

C. Keith Richard Walner

D. Wykes-Plampin

3. Porter County parks (a couple)

A. Brincka Cross Gardens

B, Sunset Hill County Park

4. Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

5. Moraine Nature Preserve

6. YOUR front and back yards!


Thank You!

Ron Seman

4/30/22 1:03 AM