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Please come with an Indiana Master Naturalist, navigation inventor, entrepreneur, Dunes historian, and photographer on a FREE hike! You can SIMPLY email and schedule your day at RonSemanEvent@Gmail.Com OR there are planned hikes and POP UP hikes. I did 612 hikes in 2021 and more than that will be done in 2022.

Sunrise? Morning? Afternoon? Sunset or the beloved and ONLY one done in the U.S.A. at National/State Parks: Sunset/Twilight/Night/Moonlight/Starlight/LASER light for photography/videography

THESE HIKES ARE EXTREMELY POPULAR, EDUCATIONAL, AND FUN. ASK ANY OF THE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS FROM TOURISTS ABOUT THE WORLD, TO LOCALS IN 46304. Ask local and national media. These adventure hikes are absolutely are NOT for training for a 5K. WHO in their right or left mind run through the MUSEUM OF NATURE AND INDUSTRY? We take time because we do LOOK, LISTEN, OBSERVE, talk, laugh, and do photography. I have over 232,000+ photos, 6,560+ videos, and over 300+ audio recordings for those who have vision challenges.

Here is ONE(1) sunset hike I did, with one person, on tour of all the National Parks, and a couple others

This is a leading veteran reaching activity the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Chicago recommends HikerVETS.Com

What do you got to lose? Anger? Anxiety? Blood pressure? Depression? Poor microbiome diversity? Time? Weight?



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The process is simple and always all FREE with no tipping.:

1) PICK an Indiana Dunes Park location (Or I can recommend one based on your wants and needs).

2) PICK a date (mm/dd/yy)

3) SEND an email to which includes:

A) Your name

B) Your cell phone number

C) The location that you would like to hike such as:

1) Indiana Dunes State Park

2) Indiana Dunes National Park

a) Chellberg Farm (

b) Cowles Bog (

c) Dune Ridge Trail (

d) Mt. Baldy (

e) Pinhook Bog (

f) West Beach (

AND DON'T FORGET that I do these too:

  1. Bicycle cruiser single speed (< 10 MPH)

  2. Bicycle mountain bike off road

  3. Bicycle fast as you can go on a road bike (18+ MPH)

  4. Bicycle to Chicago from Chesterton (I have a 4Runner parked in Chicago so I can do this and bring four of us back! Or ride back (total 110 miles). (~15 MPH)

  5. Kayak anywhere

  6. Kayak at Marquette Park's Lagoons, picnic, hike Paul H. Douglas Trail of the Indiana Dunes National Park

  7. Snowshoe

  8. Cross-country ski

  9. Sledding at the Indiana Dunes State Park OR West Beach of the Indiana Dunes National Park in Portage.

  10. ANY COMBINATION OF ABOVE! I have some cool ones.

GUARANTEE: WE do the Dunes like no one else gets to experience!